Welcome to an improved you.

Norris Architects is not a typical architecture firm in that we approach all projects and products from an economic feasibility standpoint, which allows us to provide creative solutions to clients that achieve a higher end-success rate. 

Joining our team is equivalent to embarking on a journey of iterative analysis and improvement. The working environment is quite demanding and may be at times be overwhelming, however our goal is to impart in you core knowledge that is not typically available elsewhere.

Be prepared to utilize both your creative and practical skilsets to facilitate successful project management initiatives to develop unique spaces globally. 

Ideal Candidates:

In our firm, we do not request that you come entirely pre-packaged, but we do prefer those who are scholarly.

Formal education is not a requirement should you demonstrate adequate experience through other prescriptive routes - these experiences must be clearly documented and show in thorough detail both prior and intended contributions.

Technologically apt, quantitatively focused and/or those with superior deductive reasoning skills are preferred - many projects will require intense mathematical understanding, detailed analysis and creative problem solving to realize success.

Interested in joining our team?

please provide your contact information below, followed by a brief snippet of your relevant experiences and greatest quantified accomplishments. This will serve as your ultra-condensed resume / curriculum vitae to be considered for candidacy.