Our Core Team

Tom Norris, AIA, RIBA

Roles: Principal Architect, Founder

Background: With over 35 years of experience in development as an Architect, Real Estate Broker and Construction Manger, Tom has experience developing both residential and commercial projects of significant caliber. 

Notable Experiences: Residential Subdivision Plots of up to 200 parcels, Custom Private Residences of up to 15,000 Sq. Ft / 1,114 Sqm., Multi-Family developments of up to 25,000 Sq. Ft. / ~2323 Sqm and various commercial scopes unlisted for brevity. 

Sustainability Initiatives: Tom became a leader in sustainable building and was one of the first persons registered in the City of Scottdale’s Green Building program that started in 1998. This program became one of the foremost in the the United States during the mid 2000’s and continues to encourage sustainable integrations hereon.

Leadership Initiatives: Tom has served numerous Chair and equivalent board positions for a number of organizations, including the Town of Paradise Valley Hillside Review Committee. 

Certifications and Additional Notable Achievements Include:

Nationally Certified Sustainable Building Advisor

Scottsdale "Green Building" Advocate Since 1998

Green - Sustainable Educator since 2009

The Energy Code Workshop Trainer

Phoenix Self Certification #0029

Phoenix Green Building Program

Additional Endeavours: As an Army Veteran, former pilot, traveler and avid hobbyist sailor, Tom enjoys a variety of experiences which seek to perpetually foster practical creativity in all development projects. 

Mahmoud (Said) Abostate, MSc.

Roles: Since 2004, Said has contibributed to the firm as both Principal Project Manager & Value Engineering Consultant

Background: With over 30 years of experience in design and construction, Said has implemented of a number of residential tower projects in Sohag Governorate - Egypt while working as an Architectural Engineer at Uhud Engineering Consulting Office 1997-1999

Academic Pursuits: As a teaching assistant in the Department of Architecture - Faculty of Engineering
- Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Said taught design of residential complexes and buildings projects from 1999-200

Notable Achievements: participation in the design and supervision of the implementation of a residential
village for flood plains in the village of Ezbet Saleheh - Qena Governorate in Egypt. He holds a master’s degree in architectural design under the title Mutual effects among psychological, sociological sciences and architectural design - an applied study on housing.

Additional Endeavours: Currently, Said creates design and integrated implementation of a number of residential
buildings with areas ranging from 600 to 1500 square meters in various municipalities globally.


Richard Norris, MBA

Roles: West Coast Managing Director

Background: Having amassed over 12 years of demonstrated experience in various facets of both the Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development process, Richard has managed a Global Portfolio of over USD $3 Billion Dollars of Development Projects. 

Additional Endeavours: Richard is a triple-alumnus of the University of Oxford, Rotterdam School of Management and Arizona State University - W.P. Carey, with an extensive financial and business management background, specifically tailored to real estate development. He has traveled to over 50 countries, is a certified dog lover, Porsche enthusiast, ultra-gourmet home chef, novice sommelier-in-training, Top-10 European MBA holder, nationally acclaimed award winning designer, and finance professional.

Process Strategies: Richard’s processes are analytical, precise and transparent. A typical project Scope of Work is mapped to a stepwise process that eliminates common confusion with respect to the development process. Via project oversight, Richard will simplify overwhelming data, seemingly infinite possibilities and overcome potential analysis paralysis by presenting you with brilliant, calculated, and digestible solutions that quell qualms accordingly.

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