Our Integrated Suite

has been carefully structured to achieve maximum potential success throughout all aspects of the development process. Our team seeks to close gaps within development to provide a streamlined package.

Acquisitions, Sales & Transaction Management Company

The real estate team is structured to provide support services to the Architecture Firm. Throughout the Development Process, our team noticed a significant gap in the acquisitions and transactions management process. Due to shortages in available land prospects and existing buildings and parcels, it has become increasingly difficult to source value-add potential projects without also understanding the integrated elements of the Development Process. As such, we seek to rectify informational gaps for both consumers and professionals comprehension.

Architecture & Design Firm

This Firm specializes in providing consulting services throughout beginning stages of the development process. Architectural Design, Development Strategies, Conceptual Drawings, and Construction Documents are also provided as stepwise deliverables throughout the process. All process integrate extensive 3D reviews, consultations and expert planning prior to commencing with any of the development stages. Our team prioritizes following both the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and RIBA (Royal Instute of British Architecture) to implement a global perspective of process mapping and standardization.

Visualization & Production Studio

This Studio specializes in providing refined media and 3D imaging resources to the Core Architecture Team. House of Norris' main priority is to create immersive end-user environments to push the creative space. Development projects often greatly benefit from rich visuals, and design decisions are expedited resulting from this.

Construction Management and Implementation

This team implements bespoke and select construction projects. Typical scopes undertaken include multi-family developments, subdivisions, and other projects requiring significant coordination and detail. The steps prior are constructed with the intention of closing informational gaps throughout the process to ensure elevated delivery of the final product to the end user.