About our firm

We are an established Architecture & Design Firm with over 40 years of combined experience in multiple states and countries. Our team is licensed and equipped to to manage the building permit submission process and design scopes of varying capacities.

How our process works

Describe us your vision and our design experts will guide you through a structured process to assess initial feasibility, identify potential project risks and propose methods of optimizing the initial layout of the design. In-house CAD Drafters and 3D Visual Artists then begin collaborating to detail your project both in 2D plan files and 3D models. Live one-on-one 3D animated design sessions streamline the decision-making process and reduce design unknowns. Feasibility assessments are offered throughout the process, ensuring that projects are organized and completed efficiently.

Types of Projects we typically undertake:

(Residential) Custom Residences, Renovations & Additions, Accessory Structures, ADU / JADU (California,) and Condominium renovations.
(Commercial) Apartment Complexes, Mixed-Use Developments, Retail Spaces, Warehouses, Hotels & Restaurants.

Our skills are cross-functional for your benefit:

The Norris Architects & Brands team has extensive demonstrated expertise in construction project management, development consulting, sustainability consulting, and of course, all typical architectural services. This is offered via a variety of educational and international backgrounds, which provide you with a calculated expert stack for success:

1. Pre-Design Analysis and Feasibility Studies: Architecture and development projects are often tricky, not only from a design standpoint but also in terms of zoning and building regulations. Our priority is in capturing a multi-faceted understanding of the project, which will assist you in optimizing all moving pieces of the project. Existing structures can have sophisticated or atypical configurations, which necessitate careful analysis and consideration when proposing designs. Regulatory landscapes can also affect proposed developments both positively and negatively. Prior to initiating any of our architectural services, our expert team undergoes extensive feasibility studies to assist you in simplifying the process from the beginning through the permit submission phase.

2. Site & Space Planning: Understanding the optimal configurations of a parcel of land is imperative in determining the best use of the space. Post-feasibility analysis, our team undergoes an extensive evaluation of the available building envelope for all proposed additions and new buildings (commercial & residential).

3. Design Analysis: Once feasibility is assessed and the best use of the parcel of land is determined, the floor plan is then iteratively optimized to suit your proposed

4. Value Engineering: Budgets and available funds are the primary drivers of any architecture project. Proportionately, architecture fees are typically the least expensive part of the construction process, but can also greatly assist in saving costs through efficient design. Our expert team will offer guidance throughout the process where possible to simplify components of the design without compromising the aesthetics. We also encourage contractors to lend Value Engineering expertise throughout our design processes, and prior to initiating any engineering scopes. This can often greatly assist in cost management from early stages.

5. Materials & Finishes Selection: The je ne sais quoi of any quality space is highly depending upon the finishing touches. There is a cumulative effect of all prior phases forming stepwise, your perfect finished space. Correct proportions following the golden rule are imperative, but proper materials and lighting will significantly affect the ambience of the space. Our team offers this as an additional scope to architectural projects, as we understand that a uniform vision is important in realizing success in any project.

Let us Guide You

Our professionals are specifically equipped to manage complex projects, providing concrete solutions by providing the following core competencies:

1. Creative design: The ability to generate innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and functional designs that meet the needs and preferences of clients.

2. Technical expertise: In-depth knowledge of building materials, construction methods, and engineering principles, as well as proficiency in relevant software.

3. Project management: The ability to oversee and coordinate the various stages of a project, from concept development to construction, within budget and time constraints.

4. Communication: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to effectively present design concepts and ideas to clients, as well as collaborate with other professionals (e.g., engineers, contractors).

5. Sustainability: A focus on designing buildings and spaces that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and durable, using materials and techniques that minimize their impact on the environment.

6. Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changing client needs and project requirements, as well as stay up to date with industry trends and best practices.

7. Problem-solving: The ability to identify and solve challenges that arise during the design and construction process, using critical thinking and practical solutions.

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