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the collective project

The Collective project

had presented itself initially with a multitude of challenges during the project's inception which were ultimately overcome via a series of strategies employed to mitigate cost in design, expedite and streamline construction, and ultimately create a space that is multi-functional.

Selective lighting

forms a cohesive bond in between the elements and colors presented

Throughful furniture

has been selected with the intention of providing ease of access and comfort to invite those who interact with the space to relax.

Project Data

Size: 1,000 Sq. Ft / 93 Sqm

Scope: Conversion of existing business space to cafe/retail

Strategy: Create a forward, synergistic design that encompasses a broad array of comfort levels to craft a safe space that welcomes all.

Final Product: intends to serve as both a cafe and co-retail space, influenced by global materials and elements.

welcome all

the collective project intends to provide a comfortable space to each as they are or may be.

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