Protecting your personal data

Norris Architects continues to commit itself to your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy is seeks to comply with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 on the protection of personal data by the EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies.

This Privacy Policy intends to cover all Norris Architects and BNN Brands within the and domains. Although not all pages within our websites request personal information, in some cases information is required in order to provide the e-services you request.

Websites that require such information seek to treat your information in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 and provide information about the use of your data in their specific privacy policy statements.

For each service provided, a controller seeks to ensure compliance with our Privacy Policy.

Norris Architects and BNN Brands websites within the and domains may provide links to third-party sites. To use third party content on our websites, you may need to accept Terms and Conditions that are specific to these websites, which may include applicable Cookie Policies over which we as Norris Architects and BNN Brands or representatives of these brands have no control.


As defined, an e-service on Norris Architects and BNN Brands is a service or resource that seeks to bridge a gap in information or communication between you and Norris Architects and BNN Brands.

Types of e-services which may be offered by Norris Architects and BNN Brands:

  • information services that provide you convenient access.
  • interactive communication services in a customer support setting
  • transaction services that allow you to purchase a product or service from Norris Architects and BNN Brands.

Information contained in a specific privacy statement

A specific privacy policy statement will contain the following information about the use of your data

  • what information is collected
  • for what purpose it is collected
  • the technical means by which it is collected
  • who sees your information
  • how you can access, verify its accuracy and correct your information
  • how long your data is kept
  • what security measures are taken to safeguard your information
  • who to contact if you have questions or complaints

Contacting Norris Architects and BNN Brands

The simplest and most universal method of contacting our brands is to send an email to Your inquiry will be processed accordingly and delegated to an appropriate team member who will guide you through the following steps of the process as applicable.

Safeguarding information

In those cases where collected personal data are stored on a computer of an external subcontractor acting as processor, they are bound by specific contractual clauses and by the confidentiality obligations which seeks to adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation of April 2016. 

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Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

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